This desktop application is English vocabulary development software that assists the user in learning new words quickly and efficiently. The key feature is the fact that the application keeps track of what words the user already knows (by answering the test questions correctly) and then removes them from the list of words to be presented. The idea is that the software spends time helping the user learn words that they don’t know, rather than spending time reviewing words that they already know.



Education & E-Learning


  • Adobe AIR 2.5
  • Flex 4 SDK and Flash Builder
  • Action Script 3.0
  • XML & SQLite

The Client

PLL Media Inc, USA

The salient features of the application are:

  • Highly attractive and engaging user interface.
  • SQLite database stores words, their definitions, their synonyms, example sentences, and an audio pronunciation of the word.
  • Configure different word lists by populating SQLite database with new word lists
  • Four different modules to learn words: Multiple Choice Answers, Definition Recognition, Column Matching and Flash Cards.
  • Indicated user’s progress using 3 different charts: % Correct, Total Attempted, Time Spent.
  • Create multiple user accounts on same AIR application install.
  • Creates & maintain separate account & progress for each user.
  • Print progress charts.
  • The infrastructure set up to push auto-updates on AIR application.
  • Native Installer for application for both windows (.exe) and Mac (.dmg)

Looking forward for the public release of the AIR application.