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What IRCE 2014, the most important eCommerce event in the world, has in store this year?

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Believe it or not, this year’s event will also be the celebration of a decade of IRCE being the World’s Largest E-Commerce Conference and Exhibition. Last year, Rightway Solution was one of nearly 9,500 visitors, and it was phenomenal as one would expected with dealers of every possible type of eCommerce product & service solution […]

Posted by : Abhishek Agarwal Date : May 28, 2014

Is responsive web design a viable long-term strategy for mobility?

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Research company Forrester teamed up with Moovweb to share some light on how to efficiently deliver experiences across multiple devices in the situation when responsive web design projects are proving to be more complex than expected while still lacking the ability to leverage key mobile functionality. The report is based on a survey of 146 […]

Posted by : Abhishek Agarwal Date : May 22, 2014

A 5-year prediction for E-commerce and m-commerce

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During the next 5 years, mobile commerce will become even more influential than it is today. Desktop PC use will continue to drop while PC makers try making PCs and laptops function more like touchscreen mobile devices, consumers will start to buy wearable computers such as smartwatches and smartglasses. Consumers will also start buying new […]

Posted by : Abhishek Agarwal Date : May 9, 2014