8 Myths About Enterprise Mobile Apps That You Must Ignore

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It’s imperative that businesses up their mobility spending; mobility is the new IT and if you aren’t leveraging its infinite potential to improve productivity and give your business a competitive advantage, you have definitely got your business’s IT strategy all wrong. Mobility is called the new IT because it’s a technology trend that is being seen to offer a better competitive advantage in a saturated market. It makes businesses more agile and improves the collaboration between employees making for a quicker and more seamless flow of information. It’s a truly transformative technology, but surprisingly there are plenty of businesses that loathe implementing the use of mobile apps to improve their business process. It’s surprising why the adoption of enterprise mobile apps hasn’t caught on amongst all businesses irrespective of their size, scale or scope.

We believe there are certain myths that are interfering with the decision making process of businesses, when they are trying to decide on adopting a mobile app for their business. Let’s take a look at a few of these myths and learn why they must be ignored at all costs.

1. My Business is not ready for Enterprise Mobility

business not ready

The fact is, all businesses are ready for enterprise mobility, and those who say they aren’t just don’t know it yet. Today’s businesses can leave no stone unturned to improve their work performance and relationships with stakeholders including employees, customers and investors. Mobility acts like the bridge that helps connect suppliers, partners, employers and consumers digitally by facilitating seamless flow of business information between them. So, the truth is that enterprise mobility is for businesses who want the competitive edge. And aren’t all businesses looking for this edge?

2. Mobility has limited Scope

This myth comes from the thinking that mobility is only about apps and nothing else and apps have very limited scope. Nothing can be farther from the truth, because the scope and scale of mobility solutions for your business is limited by your imagination. You can use them to think bigger and get better business results. Don’t think of apps just as additional tools that help you perform a series of tasks, but as entities that help you experience the benefits of mobility.

Mobility is not just about apps, it’s a whole lot more. You can now integrate cutting edge mobility systems with your business’s IT model to make sure a large number of your business’s mission critical systems can be operated through mobile devices.

There is absolutely no doubt that mobility has unlimited scope; it’s up to you to define it and use it for business benefits.

3. Enterprise Mobile Apps are Expensive

cost of mobile apps

One of the popular myths doing the rounds is that developing and implementing enterprise mobile apps is expensive. The costs of development are higher and coupled with the expenses incurred to train employees to use these apps, means it makes financial sense to stay away from these apps.

Let’s face it: developing apps that will help perform mission critical tasks with the use of progressive technology is not cheap. But it’s not way of out of reach either. The first thing you must do is identify the business need that can be satisfied with the use of a mobile app. Compare the cost of developing such an app with its returns on investment. Nine times out ten, you will find that the returns from your mobile app are much higher than the cost of developing and implementing the app. As far as the learning to use the app is concerned, you will be surprised to note that even the most complex business apps can be created in a way such that their learning curve is minimal at best. So, you don’t really have to worry in this regard.

You could even think about hiring the services of an offshore mobile app development services provider. These usually charge affordable rates for executing an enterprise mobile app project. So, get rid of this ‘expensive’ myth right now!

4. Security Concerns

enterprise app security

This is another commonly believed myth about enterprise mobile apps, which is the fact that the use of such apps can compromise the security of the business data exchanged on the app. To bust this myth, you only have to look at the trust that businesses have in their traditional IT systems and their ability to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. You will remember that in the days gone by, businesses looked at these systems with suspicion as well. But that’s a thing of the past now, with IT security systems becoming better and more advanced over the years. This fact remains true for mobility as well. There is no doubt that mobile technology is seeing early days yet, but professionals are continuously coming up with ways and means to reduce the risk of security breaches in enterprise mobile apps; and things will keep improving as mobility keeps becoming an integral part of a business’s IT system.

5. Employees won’t be very interested in using these apps

To be brutally honest, employees have to make the best use of the tools made available to them by their employers. If it’s a desktop, they need to use that but if they are asked to improve their efficiency with the use of a mobile app, they need to do that too. There are no two ways about it. A business’s fear that their employee won’t take to the adoption of a new technology like a mobile app is entirely justified, but this doesn’t mean they must stay away from it.

A person develops a sense of security and comfort factor if he/she is keep working with a particular technology day in and day out; and nobody wants to get out of their comfort zone. But if forced to do so, they will. As a business it’s your job to get your employees out of their comfort zone of using traditional IT systems and asking them to adopt the use of a mobile app while performing certain business tasks.

6. Mobility requires Investment in Infrastructure

There is a belief amongst businesses that the use of mobility solutions involves setting up complicated and expensive infrastructure to back it use. Again a myth that needs to be busted: all you need to do is create enterprise mobility integrated solutions that can fit easily with your existing IT infrastructure and constitute a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy! You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a mobility enabled infrastructure to integrate the use of mobile apps in your business.

7. We have a Mobile Website, so we don’t need an App

There are plenty of businesses who say to themselves, “We have a successful mobile website, so we are already leveraging the power of mobility; we don’t need an enterprise mobile app.” Well, there is a huge problem in this sort of thinking, because the job of the website and the enterprise mobile app is not the same. Your website is being used to improve your business’s brand awareness, but your app enables your employees to perform specific business tasks. That’s a crucial difference.

8. Let me think over it…

waiting for implementation

The myth of enterprises having a lot of time to implement the use of mobility technology is just that, it’s a myth and the sooner you bust it, the better. You can’t wait for adopting the use of a mobile app for some reason or other because there are many businesses, and some of these are your competitors, who have already started implementing the use of mobile apps in a big way. You need to be off and running with an enterprise mobile app strategy in double quick time. You simply can’t afford to play the waiting game.

Hopefully, the busting of these myths will have cleared some of the doubts that you might have about the adoption of enterprise mobile apps. The idea behind the use of mobile apps is to make use of the best technology available on the market for business benefit. You want your business to use all the opportunities at its disposal and explore all the avenues to achieve strategic growth. The development and implementation of mobile technology to improve your business processes is one opportunity and avenue that you must tap into at all costs. Not doing so, might mean your business experiences stunted growth. You don’t want that to happen do you?

Posted by : Abhishek Agarwal Date : August 29, 2013

Abhishek Agarwal is Co-founder and CEO of Rightway Solution and Leads Business Development and Marketing Initiatives.

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