Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 and Flex 4.5 – A leap forward for mobile app development

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On April 11th 2011, Adobe Systems Incorporated announced the release of Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 and Flex 4.5.

These releases include all new tooling and framework support in Flash Builder 4.5 software for developing, testing and deploying mobile applications on Android, BlackBerry Tablet OS and iOS platforms.

The new tools enable developers to leverage a single tool chain, programming language and code base to easily create highly expressive applications across leading mobile platforms, greatly improving performance while reducing development time and cost of delivery.

In June, Adobe plans to release updates to the Flex framework that will enable developers to reuse most or all of their code across applications that target multiple platforms, including Web, desktop, Android, BlackBerry Tablet OS and iOS. Building a native application for each of these devices would not have been financially feasible but now moving an application across different mobile platforms is often as simple as a recompile.

Market survey says that in next 5 years, the internet users over smartphones will surpass the users on PC. With increasing use of smartphones and tablets enterprises now need to ensure that their applications work seamlessly across many different types of devices. With these releases, Adobe has delivered breakthrough development platform for creating mobile, web and desktop applications.

Thanks to Adobe for providing developers with such an awesome platform!


Posted by : Abhishek Agarwal Date : April 19, 2011

Abhishek Agarwal is Co-founder and CEO of Rightway Solution and Leads Business Development and Marketing Initiatives.

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