What is the common mistake restaurants owners generally make while promoting their business?

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Restaurant industry is attached with very wide range of different industries. As now days, for surviving in this competitive world, restaurants need more strategies for developing new business.
So far my study shows that the basic form of business comes from word -of-mouth publicity. Also there are other resources from where your customer can hear about you. As mentioned in below chart.
Restaurant Table Management
Now, what is the common mistake restaurants owners generally make while promoting their business?
They are promoting their business on traditional SAAS based reservation systems. Do you think this is enough marketing?
No, it’s not enough at all.
The reasons are simple. Any SAAS based system search, will show only high ranked and most visited restaurant at top. So your restaurant won’t get much attention if someone is searching restaurants in your area and if you are not in the top list. If you want attention, you need to pay high amount to get noticed by advertisements on a SAAS based portal.
Also as per the study, 90% people prefer to go to restaurants nearby their home or work place, so they know which restaurants are nearby. Because restaurants don’t have their own website & online table reservation system, they have to choose SAAS based reservation portals to book a table.
In sense, restaurants are paying a lot of amount for letting their own customers to make reservations through SAAS based reservation portals.
To overcome this issue, what else can restaurant owners do?
For marketing purpose you can create a website and promote it by yourself and create more awareness of your restaurant. More visible & accessible your website is, more customer base you can create.
Secondly, you can have your own reservation system on your website, which can be useful for your customers to check availability and book a table online.
Now, after getting your own website and reservation system, you can advertise your website on any or all of the segments shown above in the chart or put your reservation widget on promotional websites. Working on SEO can also give your restaurant much more popularity than you are getting from any SAAS based online reservation websites.
Now, are you worried about the cost of developing a reservation system & website?
Then have a sigh of relief, as there is a ready to use & cost effective solution available in the market, which is the Maitrdee360. Maitredee360 is the venture of Rightway Solution (I) Pvt. Ltd, one of the leading offshore outsourcing companies in India. In this solution, you can have your own website with online table reservation system + front desk application for table management. In addition to this you will get a “free week” suggestions on how to promote your website from an SEO expert. The best part is that, you can buy this solution for a onetime cost, avoiding any monthly costs or charges for every reservation made as done by SAAS based systems.

Posted by : Abhishek Agarwal Date : September 22, 2011

Abhishek Agarwal is Co-founder and CEO of Rightway Solution and Leads Business Development and Marketing Initiatives.

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