Enrich your legacy software with RIA

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Let me first ask you,

Have you got bored with using your web application having traditional user interface with lifeless tables & forms?

Are you looking for revamping your legacy web application to give it a new face where people enjoy interactivity & get engaged instantly?

Want to convert your COBOL or FoxPro legacy code to a new RIA technology?

If yes, I have an answer for you:

With the introduction of Rich Internet Applications, it has become easy to break the barriers of lifeless & boring HTML web pages and create a new generation of expressive, high performance & engaging applications. Adobe Flex is one of the emerging technologies for creating RIAs. It offers state transitions, effects, rich skinning and visual component states in delivering immersive end user experience.

Let me put a very real life experience to demonstrate my point: Let’s imagine that you want to purchase a new product from a traditional online e-commerce store. You would first like to browse through the catalogue then see the details for product of your choice, add it to your cart and finally place the order. You have to carry out each of this task step-by-step i.e. the web application require users to either send data to the server or send a new request to the server to obtain more information. This interruption leads to a significant wait and, thus, causes a significant and seemingly unnecessary break in a task flow. Also, the traditional representation of information in form of tables, forms, lists makes surfing the website uninteresting after a while.

Now, you can breathe a new life into your legacy application by providing sophisticated data visualization features, use of various media including text, graphics, animation, video, and sound and seamless communication between client & server without page refresh i.e. without any arbitrary interruption of a user’s task.  So now when you surf an e-commerce store, you can browse products, see the product details and update your cart all at once without being interrupted. And that gives you a real-time shopping experience.


You can even choose to bundle your legacy back-end with updated front-end to extend the value of your legacy system without disrupting your data centre.

So, let’s leverage the power Flex for transform the face of legacy applications and convert them into new generation high performance & expressive application. The main target applications are: Rich Media Applications, Data Visualizations, and Business Applications.

Posted by : Abhishek Agarwal Date : July 27, 2010

Abhishek Agarwal is Co-founder and CEO of Rightway Solution and Leads Business Development and Marketing Initiatives.

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