“In Magento We Trust” – Why do so many online merchants trust Magento?

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If you are a retailer and want to take your business online, you will be looking for a highly reliable and popular ecommerce platform that has been helping online businesses improve revenue generation and profitability. Now, there are plenty of ways of searching for the right ecommerce platform that meets your needs and requirements, and one of these is to ask experts about their opinion. You could also make use of your friends and followers network on social media to ask for references to a good ecommerce platform.

There is very little doubt that most people will suggest you use Magento. Before you think this post is a marketing piece about Magento, let us clarify that it isn’t. But the fact that more than 150,000 merchants worldwide use this platform means it must be doing something right. The fact is that out of the many other successful ecommerce platforms available out there, Magento seems to know the pulse of online merchants and shoppers better than anybody else. This is why so many online merchants trust Magento.

Let’s take a closer look at some more reasons why Magento is such a highly touted ecommerce platform:

A platform for discerning shoppers

discerning shopper

Shoppers these days have very high expectations from an ecommerce site. With more people shopping exclusively from the web, they expect sites to be built with their needs and requirements in mind. They want the site to have every feature and functionality that allows them to make informed buying decisions. They want their shopping experience to not only meet the highest standards of usability, but also be interactive and engaging. They don’t want to feel they are missing out on a real world shopping experience. This is where Magento scores, as it offers every feature in the book that makes for a better and more satisfying shopping experience.

A platform for developers who understand ecommerce

The fact that there are plenty of developers who offer ecommerce development services doesn’t mean they have a very clear idea of what goes into the making of really successful ecommerce site.  But there are others who know precisely what it takes to create an online store that can set the cash registers on fire for the merchant. They are astute observers of the latest trends in ecommerce and expectations of end users and have the ability to craft a site that has the perfect theme and the essential features and functionalities that offer a seamless shopping experience to the user. It is such developers who prefer using Magento, because this platform helps them work their ecommerce magic. If they use Magento, they are not limited in any way as far as the extensibility and features of the platform are concerned. They are able to create a profitable ecommerce site, putting their understanding of ecommerce to very good use.

Three Options

3 Magento options

One of the biggest advantages of using Magento is that it is available in 3 versions namely Magento Community, Magento Go and Magento Enterprise. If you are somebody who has a limited budget earmarked for your store, you can choose Magento Community, which is an open source platform.  Developers can work well within your budget to create a Magento powered store by selecting and installing the extensions needed for your site from the Magento Connect marketplace.

For those small businesses that are looking for a more comprehensive feature set, Magento Go presents a good option.  It is for businesses who want a set of advanced features that will help them better the conversion ratio of their stores.

For enterprise level businesses and even those belonging to the mid-sized range, Magento Enterprise presents a solid option and a comprehensive range of features that give an ecommerce store all the scalability it needs to meet the growing demands of such businesses.

The different options mean Magento offers something for everybody; another reason why it’s so popular.


Businesses grow and their ecommerce site should have the inbuilt capacity to grow with them. Magento, especially the Magento Enterprise edition, is an immensely scalable platform that is able to meet the growing demands of a business. Experienced developers can ensure that you are delivered a highly scalable Magento store by making good use of their CSS and MySQL skills. They can ensure that the least number of HTTP requests are made in your theme, and make good use of the fact that Magento is able to cache the block output of the website pages. These and many other methods are employed to improve the scalability of your Magento store.

Magento offers optimized cache adapters, improved tax calculation algorithms, incremental indexing and a host of other highly functional features that improve the scalability of an ecommerce store. But you need to entrust your Magento store front project to capable developers who can make good use of Magento’s features to make sure your retail functionalities are fully scalable.


If you are working with Magento, you know your ecommerce store will be secure. Your online shoppers will only shop on your site if you have ensured their sensitive financial information won’t be accessed by unauthorized third parties. Magento arguably offers better standards of privacy than many other ecommerce platforms out there. For example, Magento Enterprise Edition has the Cross site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection. This provides enhanced protection against unauthorized transactions made on a shopper’s behalf by getting access to his new registered customer account. These and other enhanced security measures adopted by Magento, tell merchants their Magento based store fronts will meet the highest standards of online security, which in turn gives them the confidence to use Magento.

Better visibility through SEO

visibility through SEO

Getting an ecommerce store up and running is an important step towards business profitability, but is your store visible to its target audience? The answer to this question is found in Magento’s SEO friendly features. They ensure your store can be easily found through search engines. The degree of SEO friendliness differs from one edition to another, but don’t worry. Whether you are using the Community, Go or the Enterprise edition, Magento’s code has been designed to be search friendly right from inception. So your website will be SEO friendly not matter which edition you choose.

For instance, Magento Go offers you complete control over your URLs and Meta information, and also offers dynamic landing pages. If that’s not enough, you could always choose an SEO plugin to make your storefront friendlier to the search engines.

An active and expert development community

The growing popularity of Magento means more and more developers are taking an interest in developing better extensions for Magento. There is an unbelievable variety of themes and plugins available that you can choose from and new ones are available almost on a daily basis. There are never ending streams of Magento goodies that are available for developers for integration into their sites. What’s more important is that any and all bugs are fixed quickly, and if ever developers find themselves encountering a problem, a solution is on hand almost immediately.

A complete ecommerce platform

You have everything you need with this platform and you don’t have to look anywhere else. Too often, online merchants aren’t able to get the functionality they need, which they think will help them score over their competitors. In the case of Magento, you get every feature and functionality needed to improve your sales figures. If you’ve got a Magento ecommerce store, and you have got it developed by the developers with Magento expertise, you will be able to offer your target shoppers the complete shopping experience.

Extensions (add-ons)

There are thousands of wonderful and very practical extensions to choose from at Magento Connect. Pick from these additional modules, or plug-ins, or add-ons, or whatever you call them, to give your Magento store the functionality you want. Even if you don’t have a very clear idea of the kind of features will help you earn more from your store, you can still go through the extensions to get an idea about the kind of features you can integrate with your store. There are a number of merchants, who started off with very little knowledge about the right extensions for their stores, but a look at some of the options available cleared their thinking and they zeroed in on the ones that suited their needs and requirements.

The point is, as a retailer you might be unaware that a particular functionality exists in the form of an extension, but you will only get an idea if you go through the modules available on the market. With Magento, the options just keep on coming, allowing you to improve the profitability of your ecommerce store all the time.

It’s all about Trust


Magento has been able to demonstrate very successfully that as far as ecommerce platforms go, it can be trusted to deliver on its promises. This is why it’s the platform that everybody trusts right from merchants who are just starting out their journey on the World Wide Web to big businesses that want to leverage the immense reach of the internet to add to their business profitability.

Posted by : Abhishek Agarwal Date : August 8, 2013

Abhishek Agarwal is Co-founder and CEO of Rightway Solution and Leads Business Development and Marketing Initiatives.

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