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Business of any kind is primarily about sales and one has to keep the sales lead managed properly so as to take full benefit of the efforts that one puts in creating awareness in their target audience. If the leads are not managed properly then one stands to loose out on a lot of business and this is why Sales lead tracking software is fast becoming the preferred choice for many business organizations across the globe for keeping their sales efforts in the right direction.

In the traditional way of tracking the sales there are many problems that the sales teams come across which can lead to a lot of loss in the business. These problems are nothing much little bit of human error here and there which can be easily avoided through lead tracking software.

The most common problem that one faces is the missing leads. This can be a result of a minor mistake like deleting the lead, or the mail going into the spam folder or failure delivery etc. Further, if the leads are not managed properly then you can find yourself loaded with unhandled leads coming from various sources like Phone, mails, Newsletters, cold calling, campaigns etc. Now lead mismanagement is not restricted to their loss of failure to receive them only, but lead distribution can also be a problem. Department managers are normally responsible for the distribution work and if at any given day the head is on leave, or busy with something more important then the distribution can suffer eventually delaying the work.

Some of the other problems that organizations normally face with are Missing leads, missing contact details, and monitoring the performances. These might sound like unimportant or ordinary issues, but in the long run they make a huge difference. Monitoring the performance of the sales team is an important aspect of the business development and when done manually, one stands the chance of missing out minute details.

But with the advent of CRM lead tracking software, these problems have become almost extinct. With Lead management software one can automate the entire process of receiving to distributing the leads reducing the chances of facing the above mentioned problems. This has become possible because of many brilliant features these lead tracking software normally have.

Some of the features of Lead Tracking Software:

  • Integration of website with the lead tracking software, which automatically registers the lead coming on to the websites directly into the software, without fail.
  • Integration of Outlook is another important feature. It provides Outlook plugins that can capture communication from it directly to the software.
  • It provides Automatic lead distribution. You can make your own set of rules as per your needs to distribute the incoming leads to various sales teams of sales executives.
  • It provides you with the option of creating forms that you can put online for various purposes.
  • It provides messaging, note, documents management for better collaboration and communication.
  • Define lead life cycle – the software provides lead life cycle management through which the current stage of a lead can be easily identified.
  • It provides provision and features to create and view various statistics, graphs and reports to better handle the leads and their respective effect.

These features are just the starting point of the list of amazing features and functionalities that such lead tracking software can provide you. There are provisions where you can customize the features according to your requirements making the software even more suitable for your needs. One such prime example of such software is Salesplus, well developed software which is available on Saas as well as on Standalone basis. The features can be customized according to you business needs and it works perfectly well irrespective of the size of your business.

So if you want the best results out of the efforts that your sales team makes for you business development then having CRM lead tracking software is a must. It can not only increase the proficiency level but can give a huge boost to your sales efforts.

Posted by : Abhishek Agarwal Date : May 25, 2011

Abhishek Agarwal is Co-founder and CEO of Rightway Solution and Leads Business Development and Marketing Initiatives.

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