MongoDB – An Excellent Alternative of Relational Databases

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Till the date, for storing large amount of data of any applications, developer needs to use the relational database system such as MySQL as a back-end. There was no alternative for storing data other than a relational database. Now, think about document-oriented, database store as structured document. Yes it is true. It is all about MongoDB.

As a professional developer, you must know following important things about MongoDB

What is MongoDB?

  • MongoDB is a new form for store data known as document database. It is an open source document-oriented NoSQL database system.
  • This excellent document data modal stores structure data as JSON-like documents through dynamic schemas useful for easy and fast integration of data in some applications.
  • It uses BSON as the storage format. BSON has great characteristics of efficiency, performance and traversability.
  • MongoDB has an excellent PHP support.
  • MongoDb is a very easy to code, manage, and yield great performance through grouping of relevant data together internally.
  • It is not table-based but document based [schemaless] and a stand-alone server.
  • Developer does not need to learn any additional query language to use MongoDB

Why MongoDB?
- Document-oriented
- High performance
- High availability
- Easy scalability
- Rich query language

MongoDB Benefits
- Flexibility
- Power [ proffers various great features of traditional RDBMS]
- Speed/Scaling
- Ease of Use

Data Model of MongoDb
- a set of databases – a Mongo System
- a set of collections – a database
- a set of fields – a collection
- a Key-value Pair – a field
- a Name (string) – a key
- a Value – Basic type such as integer, float, string, timestamp, binary, etc., or an array of values or a document

Scalability and Performance
In-built support for horizontal availability
- Auto­sharding: It saves different data parts on different machines
- Replication: backup, failover (a backup operational mode), read scaling
- Master­slave Replication
- Replica Sets: no single master, automatic failover
- MapReduce

Efficient Memory Management
- Memory management of MongoDb is excellent with server limit of 2G data per mongod instance.
- It has memory­mapped storage engine that maps all its data files in the memory.
- The virtual size of its process is very large.

MongoDb License and Support
- MongoDB is freely available under the GNU Affero General Public License.
- Drivers of the language are available under an Apache License.
- 10gen offers Commercial licenses for MongoDb

Supported Languages
MongoDB has official drivers for following languages.
- C
- C++
- C# / .NET
- Erlang
- Haskell
- Java
- JavaScript
- Lisp
- Perl
- Python
- Ruby
- Scala

MongoDB Tools
There are following commands are available in a MongoDB installation
- Mongo – for managing and administrate data
- Mongostat - a command-line tool to display data statistic with recent updates
- Mongosniff - Sniff network traffic going to and from MongoDb

MongoDB has various excellent features like embedded docs for speed, agile development with schema-less databases, manageability, easy horizontal scalability, as joins are not essential. It has included all great advantages of relational databases such as dynamic queries and updates, indexes, and more.

The advantage of the fast development process, PHP support, easy learning, less coding, easy update, and more advantages have made MongoDB increased interest of developers and large enterprises as an excellent option of relational databases.

Please feel free to contact us, if you need consultancy for MangoDB implementation without any fees.

Posted by : Abhishek Agarwal Date : March 21, 2012

Abhishek Agarwal is Co-founder and CEO of Rightway Solution and Leads Business Development and Marketing Initiatives.

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