PhoneGap, a Godsend Technology for Web Developers to Build Native Mobile Apps

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PhoneGap is the app platform which allows developers to build native apps using web technologies like HTML5 and JavaScript. PhoneGap also makes Native APIs accessible to enjoy device specific features in apps.

Advantages @ PhoneGap

  • No need to learn Objective-C, Java or any other technologies to develop native apps
  • Use your HTML, CSS and JavaScript skill to build native apps
  • Get access to native features in apps i.e. Geolocation, Vibration,Accelerometer, Camera, Sound etc.
  • Deploy apps on multiple platforms i.e iOS, Android, Microsoft Phone7, BlackBerryPhone, BlackBerry Playbook, Palm, Symbian, WebOS and many more
  • Open source and free technology
  • Vast global community contributes to this technology
  • Big players are behind promoting this technology like Microsoft, IBM and Adobe.


  • PhoneGap is built to support multiple platforms, there are still many features of several platforms that are not available for PhoneGap.
  • Performance is slower than native technologies

Cross Platform Technologies comparison Cross Platform technology comparison

Device API Comparisons
Device API


Technology selection always depends on your app’s requirements, if it is simple data driven app where performance is not much critical or if it requires widest platform support or if it is simple graphical app then you can go for PhoneGap.

If you app requires high performance similar to a native technology, native UI and maximum device features required with multiple platform support then go for Titanium.

Posted by : Abhishek Agarwal Date : January 30, 2012

Abhishek Agarwal is Co-founder and CEO of Rightway Solution and Leads Business Development and Marketing Initiatives.

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