PureMVC: Quoted as best Flex application framework

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We have been implementing the flex applications based on Cairngorm MVC architecture for long. With an increasing buzz about PureMVC our development team decided to explore this framework and I would say we are fascinated by its power to create modular and scalable applications.

Originally implemented in ActionScript 3 language, PureMVC is a lightweight framework for creating applications based upon the classic Model-View-Controller design pattern. Initially introduced for use with Adobe Flex, Flash and AIR, PureMVC is now being ported to all major development platforms. It comes in two flavors; Standard and MultiCore. Standard version is simple implementation of the MVC concept while MultiCore version allows multiple PureMVC applications to run within the same virtual machine supporting modular programming.

It offers complete separation of UI controls from model and controller via Mediator pattern. Thus making it easier to re-use code for different UIs. It also makes it easier for multiple developers to work on the same project due to flexible model and controller layer. For large scale applications where response time is crucial, the Multicore version provides support for loading separate Modules within same application at runtime thus reducing the memory consumption at startup.

We can say that it might be a good alternative over Cairngorm for developing large scale applications. It rightly confirms to the title of the best Flex application framework.

We are building more Flex applications based on the framework to understand its benefits over other available frameworks and I hope we will end up in having two very strong framework options (Cairngorm and PureMVC) to choose from for developing Flex applications.

Posted by : Nidhi Agrawal Date : February 13, 2010

Nidhi Agrawal is Director of Engineering at Rightway Solution and Head of Design'N'Buy Web-to-Print Products.

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