User Centric vs System Centric Applications for Enterprises

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Gone are the days when enterprise users were made to use complex & boring user interfaces for data entry, data analysis, decision making and information sharing. Now RIAs has initiated strong momentum for enterprises to shift from system centric applications to user centric applications.

Earlier enterprises had to choose between using Web applications with form based page driven user interface and desktop applications, which are complex and difficult to install. Think of the situation when enterprise users were forced to work on boring form based UIs for day long and making important decisions based on datasets represented with huge tables having thousand of rows. No one can doubt the misinterpretations of data and chances of errors in decisions making.


Rich Internet Applications (RIA) is a solution to all issues for enterprise users. RIAs combine the strengths of both web and desktop applications adding values rather than complications. RIAs enable enterprise users to access important information & data represented using interactive and easily accessible dashboards, which promote better decision making across the organization. Task oriented work-flows increase productivity with increase in employee collaboration and communication. Nowadays 8 out of the top 10 companies in finance, health-care, and consumer electronics industries use RIAs for developing their business applications.

Sensing the increasing demand for RIAs, Adobe is offering a complete development platform Adobe Flash Platform for creation and distribution of high-impact, rich web and desktop and mobile applications. Kudos for team Adobe!

To know about RWS capabilities and services for developing RIAs based on Adobe Flash Platform please visit ->

Posted by : Nidhi Agrawal Date : April 27, 2011

Nidhi Agrawal is Director of Engineering at Rightway Solution and Head of Design'N'Buy Web-to-Print Products.

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