RWS NASSCOM Product Conclave 2009 Experience

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With an aim of strengthening RWS’s approach on marketing and promoting its products, the management decided to attend the Product Conclave organized by NASSCOM. This was the first time when Rightway attended the event. At first we were skeptic and feared whether it would be fruitful to invest two days visiting the event, but the knowledge gained and experiencing the wave of product development strategies resolved all our hesitation.

I (Abhishek, Director- Business Development) and Rakesh (Director- Project Execution) attended the event with eager to broaden their knowledge on how to master the art of promoting and builing brand for our products. The event started on 27th Dec 2009 with opening note by Som Mittal (President of NASSCOM). It was great atmosphere, and we enjoyed being amongst IT people, feeling IT and only IT.

The first workshop we attended was “Art of the Start”, taken by Guy Kawasaki (M.D. Garage Technologies Ventures). It was the most exciting workshop where he discussed the fact that now time has gone where startup companies used to run behind venture capitalists for realizing their dreams. Nowadays one can start company with almost Zero investment likewise:

- Technologies are free and open source – One can adopt any open source technologies like PHP, Rails , Drupal , MySQL etc. and create his own expertise zone.

- Marketing is free & easy – Now any one can broadcast messages to millions of contacts by few clicks using social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook , Myspace etc. Reaching the target audience has not been that easy before.

- No Big IT infrastructure setup is requires – Earlier IT infrastructure was the big challenge for startup product companies and was the major cost, now it is time of cloud computing where product companies can buy required computing space on the fly as per their requirement on very effective prices. Amazon & Google are the biggest players in this segment.

Second workshop we attended was on “Marketing and Branding Strategies for Product Organization”. There was lots of discussion regarding Brand and Marketing, the crux of the session was:

- Founders are the brand for startup product companies

- Venture capitalist is not the license of Advertising and Marketing

- Advertisement is not branding

- Happy clientele is your brand

Third we attended was on “The Role of Mentors/Advisors in Startups”. It was great learning experience as we never thought of the role a adviser can play product startup companies.

Forth one was on SaaS business model “Saas Business Model –Will it be the non-linear growth model of the future? “, lots of benefits and concerns were discussed likewise:

- SaaS is cost effective business model.

- IT infrastructure and In house maintenance team not required. Saves a lot of time and effort.

- SaaS allows companies to be focused on their core business like for insurance company no need to setup big IT infrastructure and have big in house maintenance team for maintaining and supporting its software applications.

- Data Security – If once the SaaS based service is hacked, then hundreds of companies may suffer and land their important data at risk.

- Source code inaccessibility – In SaaS business model, companies don’t have source code accessibility, it hinders the quick fixes and changes in the system.

- Unable to offer organization specific customization – In SaaS business model, one has to use the generic system. If one requires any customization to meet any specific need then it is not feasible.

Last workshop we attended was on “Evangelizing, using twitter to market your product “, taken by Guy Kawasaki (MD, Garage Technology Ventures). He gave live demo of how to build network on twitter, how to find targeted contacts on twitter and how to use twitter for marketing your product. He gave live demonstration of how big market players are using twitter for marketing and support of their products.

NASSCOM Product Conclave was not only about workshops, it also gave opportunity to companies to showcase their products. We visited many of the companies in exhibition area and discussed their product and services. We have been looking to purchase and implement some of the applications in our organization and we got many choices that were fitting our criteria. We also came in contact with few product consultancy companies who provide A to Z consultancy to product based companies and we are definitely going to take their assistance in launching and marketing our products.

We can say all in all it was a great learning experience, yes definitely we recommend companies that have software product or plan to have a software product to attend this event. It was an eye opener.

Nasscom Product Conclave 2009

Nasscom Product Conclave 2009

Posted by : Abhishek Agarwal Date : November 9, 2009

Abhishek Agarwal is Co-founder and CEO of Rightway Solution and Leads Business Development and Marketing Initiatives.

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