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From one of our client I heard about Google Wave for the first time. I googled and watched the video “Google Wave Developer Preview at Google I/O 2009”. The video left me mesmerized with the features of Google Wave. I signed up on the website and waited for the account invitation. Soon after receiving the Google Wave’s developer preview invitation, I started exploring the platform. I invited couple of members from my technical team on Google Wave and we started exploring the features, brainstorming and finding opportunities in this platform. The crux of our study is as follows.

What is Google Wave?

Google Wave is a platform for not only communication but also for better work collaboration for any industry with richly formatted text, concurrent editing, live text chat, audio video chat , maps, polls, games, personal gadgets, pictures and document sharing and lot more features. You can run many applications in the single Wave interface in form of robots and gadgets hence no need to switch from one application to another during the communication.

Google Wave is powered by open source protocol Operational Transformation (OT) and the platform allows one to contribute Robots and Gadgets to expand this platform as per requirements.

Google wave is live hosted and shareable communication which can be accessed from any location.

When to use Google Wave?

It is not possible to write down all situations where we can use this platform but simply wherever we require team collaboration and communication we can use Google Wave, though we have pointed out some of the compelling situations such as,

1. Organization Event – Suppose you wish to arrange an event within your organization and you want the team to participate in deciding the venue, dinner menu, itinerary etc. that time you can use Google Wave with eMap gadget, pictures sharing, text chat, audio video chat, Google search, and poll gadgets.

2. Working on a project with dispersed team – With increasing demand for outsourcing, we often have big project teams consisting of people onsite & offsite. Now, in the initial phases of preparing workflows and business processes all of the team members can use this application with live concurrent editing of the documents with rich formatting, images sharing , document sharing and many more features. This avoids sending the documents to and fro between the team members.

3. Share picture and documents – you can use Google Wave to share pictures and documents within your group, any participant can easily drag and drop pictures from desktop to the wave. You can also make group album where any group member can add or delete pictures. What an easy way to share memories with old school and college friends 

4. Brainstorming and group discussion – Brainstorming and discussion can be done easily on wave with many prebuilt and third party gadgets. As wave has a feature for replay and rewind, any member can join the wave at any instant in the discussion and go through the past discussion using “Replay” feature.

5. Team meeting – This is very good platform for team meetings. Easy to prepare meeting agenda, taking notes, preparing minutes of the meeting and with playback feature we can quickly go through the entire meeting contents. Each wave can be saved as a separate meeting and can be easily referred in future.

So, these are just few examples to give you an idea of how and where Google Wave can be used. Just think in your domain and certainly you will find that you can use it almost everywhere for collaborating with people around you.
Yes, Rightway is excited for this new platform and considering lot of opportunities in developing gadgets and robots for this platform. Right now Google wave is supporting Python, Java, JavaScript and Action Script for developing Robots and Gadgets and as Rightway has good hold on Java, JavaScript and Action Script, we can foresee our developers coming up with some exciting Robots & Gadgets.

Posted by : Nidhi Agrawal Date : December 28, 2009

Nidhi Agrawal is Director of Engineering at Rightway Solution and Head of Design'N'Buy Web-to-Print Products.

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