Thumb Rules to Trigger Sale

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If you cannot enjoy your work, make that work your profession which you enjoy! This is the best way to excel and achieve milestones in your personal and professional life. This philosophy is applicable on sales professionals as well. If you love selling, then only you can turn a prospect into a customer. The first and foremost thing that should keep you grounded in this profession is your passion for your work – sale. If you have that – all rest will follow! How? Let’s see!

You passion will lead your way to success! There are three prominent thumb rules that can result in increased sale but not without passion. These rules can be divided into three phases – Foundation, Call and Follow Up!
During these three phases of sale cycle, you will walk through some basic benchmarks that will enable you reach your destination. These building blocks which are important and imperative to build a strong sale pillar include:

• Confidence to sell is key
• Delineate the target
• Know your value
• Nurture relationships
• Strategize your plans
• Learn how to serve
• Study and learn
• Accept failure
• Be positive
• Reward yourself
• Avoid negative people

All the above building blocks will walk you through the three phase of sales cycle and lead you to success. If you can develop all these attributes in your personality and implement in your selling tactics nothing can stop you from reaching the pinnacle! Try these out and enjoy your profession by selling dreams, products and services to your customers.

Follow these thumb rules and watch the difference!

Posted by : Abhishek Agarwal Date : May 9, 2012

Abhishek Agarwal is Co-founder and CEO of Rightway Solution and Leads Business Development and Marketing Initiatives.

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