Why choose Adobe AIR for developing apps for Android devices?

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Each mobile device comes with an SDK to develop apps. The SDK consists of development tools, bundling tools and emulators you need to test your code. The challenge with using core SDK’s is that you need to use the native development language that is different for each SDK. For instance, Apple prefers you use Objective-C while Google prefers you use Java.

While Adobe AIR allows you to build apps for multiple devices & mobile platforms using only one language. Lets see what are the advantages of building apps for Android devices on AIR platform than using Android SDK.

  • Adobe is working on making AIR a cross-platform mobile runtime. If you search you will already find articles from Adobe and the community about people running AIR applications on the Playbook and even using the preview packager for iPhone to compile their applications to iPhone. Hence in future an application built over AIR mobile runtime can be easily shipped for all mobile devices.
  • Flash is coming to 19 other mobile device companies.
  • AIR gives you an immediate in-road into Mobile device development leveraging the tools and knowledge you already have.
  • Flash Builder IDE is very developer centric and one can quickly build engaging apps without much expertise.
  • Reuse the code for existing Flash/Flex/AIR applications you may have built and develop the mobile version without much efforts on business logic.

Yes, there are some downsides of preferring AIR, like the mobile users would have to first download AIR Runtime to run AIR based mobile apps. But again this is just a one time task.

So in nutshell, mobile apps on Adobe AIR will help in building cross platform and cross device apps with lesser efforts and turnaround time.

Posted by : Nidhi Agrawal Date : July 15, 2011

Nidhi Agrawal is Director of Engineering at Rightway Solution and Head of Design'N'Buy Web-to-Print Products.

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