Why Magento is the most popular and successful open source solutions for eCommerce Sites?

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Current Scenario

There is no dearth of eCommerce open source platforms like Perstashop, OS Commerce, Zen Cart and host of others for the developers to create eCommerce sites but Magento is the choicest of it all. It is considered to be ideal tool amongst the developers due to its core features. Management of product and revenue generation is simpler to achieve using this highly customized platform.
Magento Ecommerce solution

Why Magento the Ideal

Let’s have a closer look on the core features and functionalities that make this software so popular and trusted by most of the developers!

Highly Accessible

The availability is quite easy, which is the first requisite for the success of any open source platform. This platform can be a big hit amongst the startups and small enterprises that perform on shoestring budgets. In addition, this platform is also popular within freelance developers in developing sites, but not without some knowledge as this tool requires some learning curve which a developer should learn. In short, it is accessible by almost all even to those who cannot afford to spend big bucks.

Variety of Features

Magento is equipped with a rich feature set, like catalogue management, shipping, product browsing, reporting, customer service and analytics. It is coupled with various features fulfilling different online business needs. This provides a variety of options to merchants suiting their needs. This manifests choices before the buyers also to find products and related corresponding information, like product availability, pricing and specifications.

Variety of Packages

Magento is scalable and customizable as per the needs of big companies. Magento Enterprise version can offer the client access to professional level support and services. Magento’s developer assists with the implementation of the website and ensures that the relevant data has been integrated in the client’s storage to avoid any mismanagement and data loss.

Trust and Security

Magento is quite popular eCommerce platform due to its immense usage and strong support and security. This trust and security has built a great user base.

Handle Multi-Stores from Single Admin Panel

Magento enables store owners to organize and manage multiple store in different costs along with different languages, which generates different reports and client details also. This is one of the special traits of Magento ecommerce allowing the merchant to entertain several clients at a time.
Potential of SEO Based Websites

Magento developers can develop SEO driven online stores, allowing the SEO leaders to promote the stores online shooting the ranking on SERPs. By facilitating the inbuilt SEO functions developers can use Meta tags and titles for every webpage.


In addition, Magento ecommerce is packed with other features for users for instance currency converter, different shipping addresses, whereas merchants can use features i.e. accessing different extensions, themes, plug-ins etc.

Posted by : Abhishek Agarwal Date : June 12, 2012

Abhishek Agarwal is Co-founder and CEO of Rightway Solution and Leads Business Development and Marketing Initiatives.

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