The application is basically a desktop AIR application for studying flash cards. The application provides an easy interactive way to study flash cards. The content on the flash cards will be provided from a content management system (SQLite Database) that is integrated with the AIR application, so that user can access the application in offline mode. When user connects online, all the updates published on server will be pushed to the application provided user has accepted the updates. It does synchronization of offline SQLite database instance with online MySQL database as per updates.






  • Adobe AIR & SQLite Database
  • Action Script 3.0



The Client

Green Arrow Intractive, USA

The Challenge

  • Displaying the flash cards in form of card gallery to make the interface more attractive and interactive.
  • As each flash card has two faces, question and answer, each flash card in the gallery can be rotated to toggle the face of the card.
  • Keyword search on cards
  • Printing the cards in form of PDF
  • Creating personal decks of cards as per search criteria or depending on current card selection.
  • Provide an admin interface to design flash cards with multiple text items and facility to upload multiple images. The flash card designer should produce the PNG of the final design as output.
  • Users should be able to access the application in both offline and online mode.
  • Synchronizing the offline database with online database whenever user connects online.

The Solution

The solution covers all client requirements as follows:

  • In order to provide online/offline usage of the application, we developed it in Adobe AIR provided its support of integrated SQLite database for offline access. We used MySQL as the online or centralized database that gets populated by admin.
  • We have provided graphical interface for admin to design flash cards with multiple text items and ability o upload multiple image items as well. The final design of the card gets exported as PNG for access in the card gallery.
  • Initially the application is delivered with pre-populated set of data in SQLite so that users can install and access it in offline mode. On connecting with online server (By logging in), it checks for server updates. If any updates are returned from server, it just pushes all data on local SQLite database instance.
  • Now, to give user rich interface for studying flash cards, we have developed 3D card gallery which displays cards in form of stakes and a card can be rotated to toggle its faces (question and answer).
  • User can also perform character search on flash cards and create his own decks of selected cards. Later these decks can be chosen for studying that group of flash cards.
  • Users can also choose to print complete set of cards in form of PDFs for later study.
  • Other lucrative features of the application includes zoom-in/zoom-out card, shuffle cards for displaying them in random order, e-mail comments/queries on the card, video tutorial etc.
  • In all, the application will make the studying flash cards interesting and fun.