This website is an online flight information provider website. It is highly advanced and AJAX controlled website which has several kind of filters to provide different kind of flight search results at ease. This site is further connected with several other suppliers to fetch the data in several ways.





  • LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL 6, PHP 5) and JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, AJAX

The Client

A UK Client

The Challenge

  • Providing a solution for travelers all around the world to find authorized flight information with real time price & other relevant information
  • It supports all business & other groups to find flights at ease when time is important for them
  • It searches for discounted flights for students
  • Flash maps are to be integrated to display airports and nearby airports information as well as connectivity between the starting points and the destination
  • Creation of several filters to provided sorted results quickly using AJAX based sliders etc
  • Improve the site performance to handle thousands of users at a time
  • Providing with an online journey planner to assist people to plan their entire journey with cost effective options
  • Multi-lingual
  • Multi-currency
  • Connectivity with several third party suppliers to provide real time information

The Solution

The solution covers all client requirements as follows:

Easy solution

  • The entire system was developed in very easy understandable manner so that people can easily try using it
  • The system has several kind of handling to choose options from Child to Adult including special offers for students which are provided as per the airline’s offer availability
  • Connectivity to several suppliers to provide cheap tickets with less search efforts

Flash Maps & Filters

  • Flash maps are provided to database connectivity to ensure that all airports and nearby airports (if selected) are being shown with connectivity
  • We have several filters with AJAX sliders on site’s left panel i.e. price range, flight time & duration etc

Performance improvement & other issues

  • We removed all the items which were responsible to make site slow i.e. hard codes & lack of functions hence we prepared code in modular manner to save code efforts as well as to increase the performance
  • To solve multi-lingual issue, entire site has been prepared in such a way that it calls different languages files to display different languages contents and in the same way, all the dynamic contents have been saved to database in multiple languages
  • Site is compatible to handle multiple currency based request so that people from different countries can check the prices easily for comparison
  • Read only access of completed Surveys
  • We used several XML & API based techniques to connect with outside suppliers for fetching the real time information.

The Benefit

This website enables hundreds of users worldwide to find reasonable flight information with real price & several other options. It further helps them to plan a journey with less searches and a price effective solution too. It is a turnkey solution for travel information provider sites.