Rightway developed a Dynamic Budgeting Production Web Portal that allows commercial producers, bidders, production managers, advertising producers and advertising cost estimators to instantly obtain costs and equipment/services logistical information for the purpose of creating a detailed commercial ballpark budget for locations around the world.




  • LAMP (Linux, Apache, PHP 4, MySQL 4)

The Client

Stuart Schonfeld, Production Concepts, Inc., USA

The Challenge

  • To meet with all the challenges of Print Media into Web based version of the site using latest technology – AJAX.
  • The questionnaire to fill up by the Contributor (Crew / Vendor), system provides extremely user friendly web based flow with the progress bar.
  • System tracks the previously entered data hence Contributor do not need to fill up all the information in a single sitting which makes the user on a comfortable sit.
  • System implements the 3rd generation Advertisement Management where any user can select any place on any available page of the site. System provides the availability of the Advert Banner for any category to the user instantly before he makes the payment.
  • Code includes both Client side and Server side validation to avoid any garbage data in to the database.
  • Providing cross-browser compatibility
  • Application should run on any operating system platform

The Solution

The solution is based on is 2-tier architecture and is developed in one of the most popular and widely used web technology – LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).

Likewise the web based portals / applications; system contains both Front end and Administrator End. Both the ends comprise unique features which are developed with the use of latest development practices and programming languages. To meet with the usability and accessibility, we have used AJAX in an extensive mode and meet with all the requirements of client.

This application is developed to meet with all the client requirements to provide the Film Production related budgeting information worldwide. System provides usable costs on nearly every Production Budgeting Category and Logistical Information on equipment and services to the Film Producers, Directors or Artists. The cost presented to the web users will be provided by the experiences, reputable crew and vendors of the local cities. The logistical information allows web users to decide if they need to hire locally or needs to bring it from elsewhere on their production site it self. In a nutshell, it provides an Instant cost, Instant Information worldwide.

The Benefit

The solution details usable costs on nearly every production budgeting category and logistical information on equipment and services. It allows users to quickly and properly generate their budget for locations all around the world.

The costs presented are what would be expected to pay for hiring experienced, reputable crew and vendors. The logistical information will allow users to decide if you need to hire locally or bring in from elsewhere. Instant Costs. Instant Information. Worldwide.