REX is a web application that adds ecommerce edge to a variety of optician services offered by chains of optical stores. A registered customer can order for optical solutions by filling a form with values prescribed by their doctor or even fancy lenses. The system model is such that customers are registered members of stores and stores are parts of optical brand chains. Finally the provided admin section helps admin supervise and manage the complete website.





  • LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL 6, PHP 5)
  • Ajax, HTML, DHTML, CSV (Comma Separated Value) Data Management
  • JavaScript frameworks: Prototype, JQuery

The Client

Finnish client

The Challenge

  • Providing functionality to manage a substantial chain of stores to provide optical lens services is a challenge.
  • In such complexity where multiple optical service providers have to be satisfied, the requirement of multilingual languages became an added challenge.
  • Taking into consideration the uncertainty of serving different providers, export /import of orders into CSV format was another added challenge.
  • Developing customized shopping cart
  • Sub-domain configuration for hosting on web server
  • Provisions of prescription and non-prescription products
  • Highly functional CMS system and advanced admin controls to manage website content.

The Solution

  • This site is developed using the well organized MVC pattern of CakePHP 1.1 framework.
  • We have developed customized shopping cart as per the client’s requirements, using which customers can place their orders for doctor prescribed or fancy optical lenses.
  • We have systematically designed and developed CSV classes to implement export/import order functionality.
  • We have configured the hosting web server to provide sub-domain implementation.
  • Admin have full control of the site to manage multiple admins, stores and chains and other important contents of the website.

The Benefit

The solution is new of its kind as giving ecommerce edge to the optician service providers is a challenging and novel idea. It impacts customer minds by affecting the way optical lenses are purchased.