Entertainment & Multimedia



  • Adobe AIR
  • Action Script 3.0


  • CakePHP/MySQL
  • CakeAMF for Remoting

The Client

Warner Bros. Photo Lab, USA

The Application

Press Kit Xpress is a desktop AIR application designed for end user to check latest movie updates and download movie contents like photographs, artwork, trailers, videos, production notes etc. in bulk.

The salient features of the application are:

  • Highly attractive and engaging user interface.
  • The AIR application layout is completely configurable from admin panel including background image, logo, tab navigator style, text color & font for all labels, header and footer text etc.
  • The application refreshes every 15 minutes, hence fetches latest updates from the back-end and alerts user about new available content.
  • The application maintains download history for each user for auditing purpose.
  • Based on the release date, application identifies and differentiates movies and displays them in appropriate sections as “Coming Soon” or “Recent Releases”.
  • AIR application has registration and login module to provide authenticated access to the application.
  • Admin also has feature for sending e-mail alerts to all registered users about latest updates and releases.
  • User can add selected movie contents to press cart and finally download as single ZIP file.

As the desktop application was required to showcase all movie related contents as well as allow users to download them, we utilized AIR’s capability to write to the local file system. Also due to rich component library available in AIR, we could display photos, audios and videos easily.

Looking forward for the public release of the AIR application.