Education International represents about 30 million teachers and education workers from pre-schools to universities worldwide, it is a global union federation of 402 member unions in 173 countries.

We are proud to provide our software development services to Education international for their conference registration system requirements, which they are using for managing their 6th world congress that will be organized in Cape Town in July 2011.







Education International, Belgium

The salient features of the application are:

We have used Ajax on broad spectrum for the application to offer fewer navigations and page refreshes and developing a user friendly application keeping in consideration the high user volume of conference attendees.

Please find few of the salient features which we developed in this system:

  • Multilingual, user can access information in 3 languages
  • Comprehensive and role based administration panel with various admin roles like Super admin , Finance admin and Staff admin
  • Organization Management
  • Delegation Management: Principle Delegation, Visitor, Assisted and Women Delegation
  • Participants Management
  • Visa documents and formalities
  • On-site registration and verification process
  • Registration of Conference’s events, sessions and workshops for participants & prepare their time schedule
  • Export individual’s (participant’s) time schedule in printable formats
  • Mass batches printing system
  • Massaging system between organizer and participants
  • Hotels and City Tours management


Keeping the fixed deadlines as target, we delivered the system before the deadline that we committed to client maintaining high quality standard, client is happy with the finally delivered system and now it’s in actual implementation.

The Benefit

Education International is now using this application to manage participants for their 6th congress. The system has been helping them in better management and organization to maximize participation with minimum efforts.