Rightway Solution is a leading developer of cross platform mobile solutions whose core objective is to satisfy the business needs of our clients. With many years of mobile app development behind us, we have fine tuned our development process to ensure faster, high quality and affordable app development. Our clients experience multiple benefits from our cross-platform apps all of which help boost business profitability and growth.

Why Cross Platform Mobile Development?

Here’s why developing an application that works on all popular mobile OS like iOS and Android, makes tremendous business sense:

  • Your app is no longer confined to the limitations of native mobile technologies
  • Your apps have greater marketing potential as the apps will find their way onto more mobile devices.
  • Apps are built with cross platform frameworks thus minimizing development time and costs.
  • Custom app development with innovative features becomes much easier.
  • You can reach out to a wider audience of clients/customers for increased brand awareness.
  • You can develop and push through app updates to customers at very little extra cost.


Our Cross Platform App Development Services

We offer clients a full range of services including, but not limited to:

  • Business apps development like CRM, ERP, quotation and collaboration.
  • Hotel & Restaurant apps for reservations and ordering foods.
  • Education & E-learning apps.
  • Porting applications/software products to hybrid applications.


Cross Platform Application Development Expertise

Our highly experienced team of developers is proficient in the use of different cutting edge cross platform frameworks including Appcelerator Titanium, PhoneGap and Sencha. This proficiency allows them to develop mobile applications that work across different mobile OS like Android, iOS, Blackberry and others. They have the ability to breathe life into any and every app idea and ensure it’s developed as per client expectations.

Cross platforms apps, because of the benefits they offer, should be your apps of choice, if you want to put mobile technology to good use to boost business growth. Rightway Solution will help you create the very best cross platform mobile apps that not only satisfy your business goals but also target user needs.

Contact us to learn how our cross platform expertise will help you get the most from your mobile app.