Please explain the “Hire Dedicated Developer” concept?

“Hire Dedicated Developer” is a unique concept in software outsourcing. Under this facility you can setup your own offshore development team without any infrastructure or setup costs. The team works exclusively on your projects from a remote location, here in our case from India. Geographical or time zone boundaries do not affect the progress and implementation of your project as team get in touch with you everyday for task assignment and status reporting. You can hire one single developer or a team of developers depending upon your project specifications, time limit and budget. Hence this powerful business model lets you expand your team as per requirements, at affordable cost and without any investments on infrastructure and hiring.

When can I opt for “Hire Developer Service”?

“Hire Developer Service” is a smart choice for a start-ups who do not want to invest in real estate, recruitment costs, HR related expenses and infrastructure. Such companies can hire dedicated developers and immediately embark on their mission. This option is equally beneficial for large or medium scale companies who are already established and in urgent need of a team of experienced and efficient developers to meet their time bound market demands. If your demand for in-house technical staff varies significantly, then this option is very cost efficient for you. It saves you a lot in terms of salary and perks, as dedicated developers can be hired for a flexible time period. In short if you are looking for cost effective, timely, quality services utilizing latest technology by the highly skilled and experienced professionals, this is the most suitable option for you.

What are advantages of Dedicated Developer model?

The Dedicated Developer option gives you one or more developer(s) who works exclusively for you on your projects without expanding your in-house team. You get to interview a pool of best-fit candidates and choose the right person for the job. The cost for hiring a Dedicated Developer is lower than what you pay your local developer so you save money in the long term. Of course, if your Dedicated Developer faces any technical challenge, he has access to our technical leads the rest of our staff in order to solve the problem at hand and accomplish the task. You have one person working for you, but he is backed by the whole of the staff.

I like the Dedicated Developer concept and want to take it further. What do I do?

The first thing to do is to Contact Us. Send us the details of your requirements and we shall get back to you in 24 hrs to discuss and consult the best approach to serve your requirements.

Can I visit your facility in India?

Yes of-course. You can visit us anytime at: Rightway Solution (India) Pvt. Ltd. We even encourage our clients to come and meet the team who is working exclusively for them so they understand each other better and establish better collaboration and understanding of each other.

For our office address, please visit: Contact Us page.

Are the developers employees of Rightway Solution?

Yes, the developers are employees of Rightway Solution.

How experienced are the technical professionals?

We offer a broad range of experience level, which can be categorized in to 3 skill sets viz. programmers with 0-2 years’ hands-on programming experience; senior programmers with 2-5 years’ extensive experience in project architecture design as well as complex, structured coding; project leader with 5+ years’ experience including 3+ years’ experience as a senior programmer. In addition, all the developers possess 3-4 years Bachelor’s degree in computer science from recognized universities across India and have passed through our rigorous HR selection process.

How can I make sure that I am offered the best professionals available?

After receiving and understanding your requirements, we send you the profiles of selected highly skilled and qualified professionals with matching skill-set and experience, whom you can interview and shortlist. We also offer you an option of working with more than one developer for a week at a nominal cost. You can verify and choose yourself the most suitable candidate to proceed with.

What happens if I have problems with my assigned developer?

Although this is most unlikely, but in case you have problems with your assigned developer regarding his performance or skills your first point of contact would be the service manager of Rightway Solution. The service manager mediates and tries to understand the problem and suggest the most favorable solution to it. If the problem is major then Top Management can also intervene. If required, it is also possible to change your developer.

How many hours per week does a dedicated developer work?

Our dedicated developers work 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday. Working hours are from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm IST (+5:30 GMT). Thus they work total 40 hours a week. However, in case of some emergency or deadlines, our developers can work round the clock till the problem is sorted out.

How do I communicate with my dedicated developer?

Though our dedicated developers are available throughout working hours for discussions and follow up, we suggest our clients to fix certain hours for daily communication keeping in mind the timezone differences to ensure guaranteed availability. Preferred mode of communication is via Skype/gTalk/Yahoo chat sessions. You can always keep in touch through emails and you can even have telephonic discussion with your dedicated developer during office hours preferably.

Where do my developers work?

All of our developer work from our development center in India. We provide them modern office infrastructure, latest software programs and development environment, advanced communication devices and up-to-date knowledge bank. We also provide them secure development environment – protected development environment with firewall, password and encryption protection.

Do your dedicated developers sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Yes, all security requirements of our clients are topmost priority for us. Once selected by the client, all the professionals are contractually bound to protect customer confidentiality. They sign a non-disclosure agreement, which will render huge fines if not complied with.

Clients owns the intellectual property developed by the professional?

A dedicated developer is contractually bound to forgo intellectual property rights and assign or transfer the ownership of all intellectual property to the customer. We assure you that only you can benefit from your investments.

Will you sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Though we are committed to protect your confidentiality, we are open to it.

How secure is my source code and commercial secrets?

We provide secure development environment with firewall, password and encryption protection to our developers. Unauthorized access to any sensitive data and commercial secrets is virtually impossible.

How do we pay you? Which mode of payment is preferred?

We accept payments through Bank Wire Transfers or Credit Cards.

Do I pay for the vacation, holidays or sick leave for my dedicated developer?

Developers are entitled to be allotted company & national holidays. For more details, please Contact Us for holiday policy.

Can you set up an exclusive development team for us in India?

Generally dedicated development contracts are for approximately 3 months or so, but if you expect steady work-flow for a longer duration using consistent programming languages and operating systems, then you can opt for an exclusive development team working for you in India.

Can I resell your services?

Please Contact Us for detailed information.