Budget Backpackers is one of the biggest hotel service providers of Edinburgh, Scotland. We developed the end-to-end solution for them to manage their multiple hotels, bookings and rooms/bed allotments. We successfully implemented the solution as per all their requirements and managing this system from last couple of year.



  • LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP 5)
  • Ajax, XML, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS


5000+ Man Hours

Team Size

  • Project Leader – 1
  • Developer-3
  • Web Designer – 1
  • QA – 1

Admin Features

  • Manage Multiple Hotels
  • Room Categorization
  • Room Management
  • Configure prices schedule as per room category or a room at different events
  • Configure room availability
  • Statistics and reporting of hotel bookings with advanced search
  • Manual booking and bed allotment
  • View monthly booking along with booking arrival
  • Manage check-in and departures
  • Check-out flags
  • Graphical interface to update bed allotment of a booking
  • Automatic bed allotment on online booking
  • Accounting module to maintain customer account
  • Add-on item (such as soap, shampoo) management and its allotment for a booking along with inventory system
  • User and staff member management and creating privileged admin

Front-end Features

  • Group Booking
  • Long Duration Booking
  • Reservation System
  • Check bed and room availability
  • Email notification on booking and inquiry


The biggest challenge was to handle complex reservation system as it is not just booking rooms, we needed to book beds and there were more than 5000 beds in multiple hotels and bed prices depends on the room type twins, mixed dorms or female only dorms.


Because of robust system architecture, system design, DB design and with great team efforts we were able to develop the desired system with utmost quality and ease of use.


We delivered system successfully and maintaining it from last couple of years.