This application name is Enerfina, it is a renewable energy information portal and market intermediary for the Domestic and Commercial sectors. This site is offering an independent, objective and comprehensive energy consulting service to commercial and corporate customers. Customers can buy products using geographical location mapping provided using UK Map.





  • LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL 5.0, CakePHP)
  • Ajax, HTML, DHTML, Flex, XML
  • JavaScript frameworks: Prototype, JQuery

The Client

A UK based Client

The Challenge

  • Geographical location wise partner and product’s price management using UK postal codes.
  • Dynamic product’s key characteristics and key factors management at admin section.
  • Category wise display of temperature, wind, soil, solar and rainfall graphs using last 30 years average data for each graph.
  • Page wise display settings of key characteristics at admin section.
  • Third party UK’s map integration.
  • Implementation of product rating and ranking functionality.
  • Compare products functionality to view and analyze the different products.
  • Sending order’s details as lead packs to different users.
  • Geographical location wise discounts and loyalty key management.
  • Discount voucher generation using PDF library

The Solution

  • This site is developed using power of MVC pattern of CakePHP 1.2 framework.
  • Third party UK’s map integration to provide geographical location wise mapping of postal code for selection of county.
  • To implement geographical location to select available products we have given facility to user that he/she can enter the postal code by selecting county from given UK map and after giving basic information about property details and user details he/she can place an order request.
  • To implement product ranking functionality we have managed each products rating at admin section using dynamic key characteristics rating factors which are assigned to products and used custom formula to see product ranking.
  • We have managed discounts and loyalty keys geographical location wise to calculate discount on products price.
  • Implemented business logic to apply claim discount mechanism to claim discount on product per category.
  • Fully customized views are given to view products i.e. thumbnail view, list view and compare view.
  • Customized third party PDF library tool used to avail discount voucher in PDF format.
  • Admin have full control of the site and can manage all user’s profiles, transactions and mainly assignment of product partner and pricing of product for each location.

The Benefit

The purpose of this website is to increase the impact of the way people can buy products and to enforce concept of “Renewable Energy” and to increase the popularity of “Eco Friendly” products.